Black Bible New Version EP1 Revival


新 バイブルブラック 第1章 Revival~復活~

Black Bible New Version The power of darkness collides with the “Longinus trap”!  A few years after Walpurgis's dawn-a bizarre continuous hunting murder occurs in a big city. The corpse to be discovered is a man and woman who seems to be having sex. The woman was completely traumatic, and the man was burned until he was charred, except for some genitals. In this mysterious case, the so-called “Tokken”, a special investigation laboratory, is dispatched. Among the investigators, the figure of Imari after the night of Walpurgis ... The mysterious word that emerges is "Longinus no Go". And a mysterious cult that begins to move.  A new series of legendary blockbuster anime "Bible Black" has finally begun! !
Date: October 19, 2019

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