Both my girlfriend and I become the sex slave of the loli doll


Tiny Evil ep 4 少女人形・ニナ~無垢な想いの束縛

She talks about her encounter with Nina, a doll girl, to her lover Hiroko Shu.
She visits Shu’s room, but falls asleep without spending time with her lover.
Nina appears again in the source of the disheartened Shu.
As to apply to the lover sleeping next to, to devour the body of Shu indecently.
Nina shows off her act with Shu to Hiroko who woke up at dawn.
Seal the movement of Hiroko and play with her plump body.

‘I love you,’ she captioned the snap.」

While tasting the meat stick of Shu with his own small meat jar, Nina who takes a lover in front of the eyes, and raises his voice.
An innocent voice echoes.

“I’ll do○about you next to her that I was able to do……」

Date: April 6, 2020

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