Despite I still love my wife: The Price Of Jealous

The main character, Shuichi Honda, is an ordinary office worker working for a trading company.
Backed by “Nanami”, the beloved wife who was tied up at the end of company romance, she was busy with work and had a happy day.

However, Shuichi had a secret problem that people could not say.
Shuichi, who was a secret from the school days, has a poor female experience, and for that reason he was always worried about whether he was satisfied with various meanings or whether he was a suitable husband for what he was. .

To shake off such anxiety, Shuichi celebrated the third anniversary of his wedding anniversary, but the devil's hand that secretly eroded the happy marriage of the two was approaching so quickly ...

Will Shuichi protect Nanami, the beloved wife, from the hands of various demons, and will be able to celebrate the next year's “Marriage Day” with a smile?
Date: February 21, 2020

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