Euphoria Ep1 Escape or death


Euphoria The amusement park in the hall ep1

When I woke up, I found myself in a white room that I had never seen before – the main character, TAKATO Keisuke, and six heroines were locked up in a white locked room. His childhood friend, Kano HOKARI, the chairman of the class, Miyako ANDO, a junior partner, Rika MAKI, an English teacher, Nazuki AOI, a senior English teacher, Rin SHIRAYA in the same year, and his classmate, Genshin NAKANAI, are all right. All of a sudden, the “voice of mystery” tells them how confused they are in an abnormal situation. In order to escape from this room, Esuke needs to become an ‘unlocking person’ and set one of his heroines as a ‘keyhole’ and perform the designated action to ‘unlock’. Miyako revolts against the contents of her unreasonable, radical, and pious acts and severely criticizes ‘the voice of mystery.’ a sudden reversal Girls screaming. When the white space was once more filled with white light, Miyako jumped into their eyes as she was detained by the grotesque torture mechanism. An electric current flows into the device with the voice “Death to the person who renounces the game”. Miyako, who peeked her eyes out of her body and dropped them.  The heroines scream, and cry, and shake. However, Keisuke felt an unparalleled excitement in Miyako’s appearance. Keisuke had a secret. The urge to destroy women and �� the desire to humiliate them — was a detestable impulse that no one should ever know. However, Esuke’s secret can be seen through the conferment. The Gokkan, with its secret shield, forces the main character to obey and close his lips. “This is a contract kiss,” Keisuke, who is upset by the unexpected behavior of the cheering, decides to commit heroines in order to protect and escape the important Kano. Can Esuke escape from the white room safely and return to his daily life? Or are you being swallowed up by your own dark impulses… – It’s up to you, the main character, to decide what will happen.

Date: August 6, 2020

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