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OVA むっつりドスケベ露義母姉妹の本質見抜いてセックス三昧#

The protagonist, Takashi Komiya, lives with her mother-in-law Yulia, a blonde foreigner, her neat sister-in-law Anna, who has long black hair, and her sister-in-law Rina, a hidden geek Gal.
The family is silent on the fact that they are doing net idol activities, threatening the”Lina”and forcing the physical relationship.
“Rina” which was resisting at first also culminated in the attack of Takashi.
Anna, who is treated as an honor student both at home and at school, comes to play at night every night from the stress.
Anna was seen kissing a stranger at the club moments later.”Anna” that was held the secret is in the eyes of the people, it will culminate in the younger brother of Paes.
One day Takashi who was able to do exactly as he wanted without having a sister-in-law, and enjoying the body of the sister in his room…!?

Date: January 14, 2020

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