Honor students after school 3 concealed curiosity



“The Curiosity of Deep Window” Yuriko Izumi has been transferred to the city. Moriyama succeeded in making her first confession to her, who embodies the country’s coolness and simple nature. Chastity was protected by the family of a great celebrity that everyone knows locally, but the boyfriend was also unable to do so and was frustrated. Since the two started dating, daily dating is a relationship where only the sexual desire of the name is met. “Classes required for honor students” Mikage Hinamachi grows up in a greenhouse of a super honor student who attends a school for young women in the city. At the girls’ school, everyone was oppressed and there was no boy even if he wanted to do H. Both compensated dating and pick-up were dangerous and sometimes hurt in the future, so I decided to hire a tutor. I asked the teacher to act as a boyfriend during the tutor’s time. Preparatory review is done thoroughly, and studying is about spending time for sex education only by name.

Date: November 15, 2019

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