Hypnotizing school girl and make them my fuckslave


SAIMIN ☆ GAKUEN ep1 催眠☆学園

“It’s pathetic, but it’s still the man of the Domyoji family」
Ryuka AIBA is the young lady of the curse immediately reflected in the eyes.Kohei Domyoji who can not say anything to the brunt of it and dangles his head.
Suzune, who had been the only person who understood ryuka since childhood, was next to ryuka, who was seen early on entering the school and continued to despise it.
It was yukimasa who could not say anything…………………….、
He didn’t forget to take a picture of the back of his car with his mobile phone.……

The app that was installed imperceptibly.It was suzune who used it full of smell to fulfill his wish for the first time.I took off my pants in the park as I wanted to, and I had a public urination like a dog, and I had no memory of my usual everyday life……

As if to diverge the thought that was depressed until then, using the app, ryuka, suzunodachi School of the beautiful girl was to be manipulated and disgraced.……
“Hey, kojikun, stop this, please」
While being manipulated by the body, suzune who is conscious as it is, is dealing with a meat stick of yukimasa with his own hand that does not listen to say
‘I’m not going to let that happen,’ he said.」
Ryuka of the belly Bote that glares at the bullish.It was a fat meat stick that stood up disfigured to be sandwiched between the breast……

Date: January 13, 2020

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