I am just helping princess elves get pregnant


Enjo kouhau ep1 the female honor student is an elven princess

In recent years when the number of children has become serious, it has become necessary to integrate and abolish schools with different ethnic groups. As a model case, Ayris, the Princess of Elven, was transferred to Hobune Gakuen. Although she was a man-of-the-art and a picture of an honor student, she had a problem. Please pour your teacher’s seed into this area as well. ♪ The system of cross-fertilization between Japanese and Asian people, commonly known as ‘Assistance’ is established by the country. It was her homeroom teacher who was chosen to support the Elven, a women-only tribe. She is a serious student and a beautiful Elven princess. Having a child with her was a state-regulated obligation. He is in charge of a conflict with his pure and pretty Iris. But with her pure eyes she asked for help… We’ve gone beyond the boundaries of the race to cope with the declining birth rate!! Are you ready for your seed?

Date: May 27, 2020

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