I have been treated nicely ep3


こんなに優しくされたの 3

 "Adoration" It is a rumor that Tomoe Kurata, who is a beautiful woman, but is unpopular and lacks cooperation, has been relegated from the headquarters to a local station. A few months after she was deployed, important contact within the department was not communicated to her alone, and an error that would normally not occur. At midnight when the problem was solved, Shirai, the boss called out to follow her, but the tenderness cut the tension of wisdom that had been held up until then and made her cry like a girl. . That's why the two who are separated are related. The difference in age did not relate to how men and women wanted each other, touched each other, and felt each other.  ・ "Mother I don't know" When playing casually purchased AV, there was a mother's figure when she was young. I still don't know the real circumstances of living with my mother and child and my father being gone. Like running horse lights, indecent images of mothers and men were mixed with memories of childhood that were spent with them at that time. The mother on the screen was different from the mother I knew, but I didn't look down on it.
Date: October 15, 2019

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