I have to seize the change to molest the chubby girl i like in the train ep2


Graduation○ ○ train first train○re busty teacher of memories is being targeted ep2

Fumita KUSADE is still standing behind today. Nanoka NAKAJIMA, a female teacher she adores. Before her eyes is Kanoko Nakajima, a woman who closely resembles Nanoka. Bunta, who schemed to make a memory with Kanoko, continued to indulge in his memory with Nanoka at the same time. I suddenly saw Nanoka’s behind. Bunta used to be unable to resist her underwear and the indecent movements of her legs that seemed to go through her stockings. And now, Kanoko’s thick buttocks are shaking in front of her eyes. The buttocks wrapped in tight skirts tremble as if they were inviting a man, and Bunta’s gaze riveted at the invitation. The molester, who swells between reason and desire, reaches out his hand. A woman who looks exactly like a teacher who remembers a train full of passengers. It smells the same as the teacher…Do you like me?

Date: June 30, 2020

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