I have to seize the change to molest the chubby girl i like in the train


Graduation○ ○ train first train○re busty teacher of memories is being targeted

Bunta KUSADE had been in love with his mother’s school teacher, Nanoka NAKAJIMA for a long time since he was in high school. One day, he sees Nakajima Kanoko, a woman who looks exactly like his girlfriend on a train. However, it seems that she will be transferred sometime soon. So Bunta made up his mind and decided to touch her body with at least a memory. Though Kanoko is small and has a baby face, she is secretly drooping her hair with her big milk and big buttocks in her suit. On the other hand, Nanoka, who is still remembered by Bunta, looks like Kanoko, but she showed a female face that attracted a man with charms. A groping man, who goes back and forth between memories and reality, finally reaches for his prey.

Date: May 20, 2020

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