I have to try their body before deciding who should be my girlfriend



Hero with 5 sex friends・Arahama Yuuki.
One day, a crack runs in his smooth-sailing sex life.
Shimizu Misako, a colleague of the company, was going to have a relationship with Arahama on the premise of marriage.

However, Arahama sees Misako only as a sex friend, and it is revealed that there are 4 other sex friends.
Misako, who is angry, gathers sex friends in Arahama’s apartment.
Ryoko Yanagi runs a coffee shop near Arahama’s apartment. A female student, Hoshino Kotori.

A woman president of a certain large company, Makiko Endo. Aina kamijima who was acquainted with the dating site.
A colorful beauty surrounds Arahama.

Date: March 21, 2020

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