I’m going to die for overcumming


HHH トリプルエッチ 1st. しぐれ編

The etch is another belly, do not release until it is a carappo Kita Komatsu was being cleaned in a classroom after school. Now she has encountered a schoolgirl masturbation site and hid herself in the lectern. It’s incredible that the schoolgirl masturbates in the classroom, but the impact was greater when she knew her identity. It was Shigure Takashima, the student council president who was longing for the school regardless of gender, Rei Yobo and Bunmichi. Despite the inside of the classroom, the lips are spread and the inside is violently stirred with fingers. Kitakomatsu is excited by the admiration of his longing senior, and makes a noise. He tried to escape, but fell down and was found at random. Kitamatsu says he doesn’t tell anyone what he saw, but he doesn’t believe it. The mouth, which opened again to believable, was closed by a ripening lip. It was not a simple kiss where the lips just touched, but a fierce one that broke the mouth and entangled the tongue. The joy of enjoying the kiss is delighted, and Kita Komatsu turns his face red and gets confused.

Date: January 21, 2020

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