Juicy Meat of other’s wives ep2


Another man’s wife, Honey & Meat EP2

“Let’s get Physical!! In the third episode, “Takamura decided to go to the fitness club based on the membership system while feeling guilty about his husband. Onda is introduced to an instructor who Shimazu had interviewed and successfully passed. After the whole exercise, the special menu began. Although he was overwhelmed by Onda’s powerful real person, he became greedy and he enjoyed a feeling of ecstasy that he had never experienced before. “Let’s get Physical!! According to the fourth episode, Shimazu and Takamura decided to take their instructor Hosoda and Onda and go on a double-day visit to a guest house overlooking the sea. HOSODA was eager to crush the pride into pieces and give it a complete surrender to SHIMAZU, the owner. The moment a woman falls in love…It exceeds the limit that had never been experienced in the past. In reality, there is a moment when I was given an unknown and terrible feeling of pleasure and was forced to leave it to my power.

Date: June 2, 2020

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