Little demon loli chasing people after their semen


夢魔の街コルネリカ ep1

The world where the succubus lives, the human boy living in the city of dreams cornelica, Al.
Beside him is Lily, the girl of succubus who protects him.
She is surrounded by dangerous succubus who tries to squeeze the sperm of a man, and sends them to live while being guarded by Lily.
The Lord of the church, the evil hand of Hakura extends to Al who is helping the church in the city.
He was poisoned by shiraora.
The only way to cure the poison is to ejaculate.
Treatment by shiraao and Lily, the name of the squeezed sperm begins!
In addition, if you go to the tavern, you will be attacked by the shopkeeper Rosalee and the tool shop Arne.
Two people who attacked al, who was stunned by the accident, saying that he cared.
The merciless squeezing by the two succubus….

Date: February 11, 2020

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