My two high school valley ball team girlfriend


JOSHIKOUSEI NO KOSHITSUKI ep 5 女子高生の腰つき ビーチバレー部編 Round 2

The beach volleyball coach has a relationship with two members of staff.
One of them is Saori Kiryu who has a naughty special training in order to overcome the disease. The other is Sawa of the younger sister who witnessed the special training with Saori and became interested in the naughty thing.
As the relationship between the two continued, their presence became a big thing for their advisors.

And the adviser, they become concerned about how they think about their own.
The feeling is that they are surrounded by schoolboys and often see them chatting and laughing, and it turns into a feeling of anxiety.
As they try to hear the real intention of the girls, they try to do a somewhat pushy etch but it is well wobbled.

When I return home with such a Moyamoya thought, I notice that the door is unlocked.
Saori and Sawa, the hospitality of the two sisters was about to begin.

Date: April 1, 2020

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