PINKERTON VOL.1 [Eng subtitle]


「To Be Happy Now」「E-Motional」

To Be Happy Now: A high school girl came on the bus. In front of the passengers who were on board, he suddenly started to act with a male guest who was sitting at the last section. Her seemingly manly appearance reveals a perverted figure that she can’t imagine. “E-Motional” Father, with his company’s money, was burdened with a lot of debt. In order to return it, I’m forced to commit suicide. I feel sensitive to the body I’ve refused, and I can’t leave Ochi○ Po any more. “Mahoroba wa yokubokuchou ni” (Mahoroba is in a square window) The bus that I mistakenly got on was a lot for erotic purpose. From that moment, a middle aged man comes up to me and gets into a lot of pain. I’m afraid I have to say something I’ve got on the wrong train, but I’m getting addicted to it.

Date: July 26, 2020

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