Raping the cute newcomer in shop


ERO KONBINI TENCHOU (C) ブルゲLIGHT/PoRO エロコンビニ店長 ナマイキ過剰自意識娘・美樹 ~私に堕ちたくせにっ~
Finally, Yasuhiro is soaked in ecstasy that he was able to teach the erotic harassment of a virgin girl. For further educational training, Namiki’s excess daughter, Miki’s limbs, who are engulfed by all-you-can-drink lotus leaf daughters, regardless of the customer service. Miki, on the other hand, continues to resist bullishness when she appeals to her. However, Guess who is mischievous under the cash register while serving her boyfriend. Yoshihiro, who desperately defeats Miki of knee-kicking and skillfully defeats him, is also threatened to accuse him of injuries on the contrary … Miki is chasing you. Among them, her feelings to endure all the shame with a heartless heart … “… No, this person has already fallen to me …” Miki who is humiliated, but has been perceived as the result of her cuteness … “Excessive self-consciousness” was here …  staff

Date: November 5, 2019

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