So you want to be more naughty?


てにおはっ! 2 ~ねぇ, もっとえっちなコトいっぱいしよ?~ THE ANIMATION

Moderate student life, moderate friendship.
In such a writhing day, even if
you do not neglect the processing every night, it naturally grows into a bun.

“Huh … I really want to do this erotic thing …”

While holding down the tired silliness, the writhing infidelity is still buzzing.
What suddenly comes to mind is the number of faces that I knew.

“Aimi Serizawa” is a life-size mote girl who has been a classmate since her first year and is one of the most popular in school.
He has a friendly personality and is one of the few female friends.

A mysterious beauty “Ayaka Takai” who is one year older and secretly said to be a walking sex symbol.
I’m the same committee, but I’m always teased every time.

For me, it is a very, but not a passing, face-to-face face that disappears when it comes to mind …
At the same time, he once again heated his silence.

“I’m gonna do something with me …? …”

-In those writhing days, the words suddenly shook the eardrum to end.
Is this a dream? No, it’s real …!
Expectations and excitement are growing in spite of my doubts about the development just under the sudden turn.
While burying in incredible soft skin, I tremble with a certain premonition.
Ah … my pink youth has just begun.

Date: January 9, 2020

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