You like Strawberry loli or Chocolate loli?



“I’m not a virgin!”
Haruka Toyama, who was a virgin, has the image of virginity at school.
In order to dispel it, I wrote on the dating bulletin board, “Please take my virgin,”
It recruits an unspecified number of men.
When I went to the designated place, more men were waiting than I expected.
The first sex is too pleasant and eventually ends up with everyone who was there all night.

“ Chinese shark ”
Haruno Hamada, the daughter of the apartment landlord, is a shy person who can’t even talk to classmates.
At the request of the landlord who did not see it, Susumu Nakata, an apartment resident, decided to counsel.
Try Haruno who is afraid of being seen and get used to being seen in erotic cosplay.
Then Haruno who gets acme just by being seen. Yes, she was actually a gaze sensation girl!
Then, if you have sex and feel embarrassed to the limit, you may get used to the line of sight!

From the original “Strawberry Chocolate Fureba” “Non-virgin”!

Date: October 15, 2019

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